EinrichtWerk offers you the comprehensive room solution for maximum flexible and open teaching - completely independent of room size, type of school, age or size of the class. This enables us to make inclusion and integration of digital as well as analogue teaching units possible in every classroom.

When it comes to making a room a perfect learning environment, there are some basic requirements that have to be met:
  • Tables that can be used flexibly, quickly recombined, are wheelchair accessible and stackable. This makes it possible to quickly switch between digital and analogue teaching media, and encourages creativity in lesson design.
  • Chairs for all ages that counter-balance the students` urge to move with their optimal rocking behavior, thereby bringing peace and quiet into the room.
  • Flexible lounge elements as a place of retreat and an alternative learning environment - or as a meeting place during lesson-free periods.
  • Optimal room acoustics Optimal room acoustics to create a stress-free environment for students and teaching staff alike, and also to perfectly integrate those with hearing impairments or learning challenges.

This creates rooms for varied and inclusive lessons where everyone - students as well as teaching staff - enjoys spending time.


5-sided Table EWT.5    |    Cantilever Chairs   |   5-sided Lounge    |   Acoustic Optimizer

5-sided table EWT.5

Countless combination possibilities: individual work  – group work – round table discussions.

Advantages of our 5-sided table:

  • perfectly suited for all forms of teaching
  • creates the same learning and table height for everyone
  • supports flexible and cooperative learning
  • mobile and stackable
  • hygienic: easy to clean
  • developed and produced in Germany

Diversity through Reduction.

Tables are more than just counters for folders and books. Much more. That‘s exactly where we begin with our pentagon table EWT.5. This table‘s unique design is a communication miracle, creating teaching situations in which all participants can look each other in the eye, learn with one another, and enjoy constructive exchanges.

Exchanging individual experiences, developing solutions together, and successfully expanding on acquired knowledge: A completely new learning dynamic can emerge in this learning environment. At the same time, our table with five corners continues to uphold proven teaching concepts. That‘s what it‘s all about: the mix of familiar and new learning methods. From classic instruction, in which the teacher is the center of attention, to methods where students pursue learning concepts with each other and on their own.
Thanks to uniform table height and various types of chairs in our innovative school furniture concept, the EWT.5 becomes not only a learning companion from the first to the last grade – it also perfectly facilitates all age-independent methods of learning, both in the classroom as well as in open all-day schools. When the entire class sets out to arrange the room‘s architecture for a new learning situation in just two minutes, everyone happens to get a bit of physical activity, bringing about clearer minds and fresh concentration. This is the beginning in dynamic learning.

We do not want to broaden the diversity of tables, but rather offer a table of diversity that accommodates all instructional situations and pedagogical concepts without creating barriers.

The diversity of our EWT.5 for schoolchildren: all sizes, all ages – and spanning academic years. Everyone at eye level, everyone eye-to-eye with each other, all close together in each group constellation. All this within an appropriate work space for each individual student.

The diversity of our EWT.5 for educators: Discussions about pedagogical approaches and concepts are of course good and important. However, disputes over direction and polarization within the teaching staff are counterproductive. THE absolute pedagogical concept is just as unlikely to exist as THE absolute effective or THE absolute proven teaching method. Teaching situations, subject-specific requirement, and teacher personalities are all just too different. Our table doesn‘t immobilize anyone, forces no one into rigid patters, dictates no conformity – rather it creates an open framework for different teaching situations and diverse pedagogical approaches.

The diversity of our EWT.5 for procurers in cities, communities, schools: one table and two different chairs to cover all the needs from first grade through secondary school, to adult vocational training. The EWT.5 makes it possible. With the EWT.5 you gain necessary flexibility and planning security.


5-sided Table EWT.5    |    Cantilever Chairs   |   5-sided Lounge    |   Acoustic Optimizer

Cantilever chairs

The cantilever chairs: even more dynamic, flexible, comfortable. For a strong back and sustained concentration.

The adjustable footrest chair EWF.3

for primary school children of all ages.

  • developed and produced in Germany based on the latest scientific findings
  • promotes dynamic sitting
  • 3-way adjustable footrest accommodates primary school children of all ages
  • the same learning and table height for everyone
  • optimally ergonomic, durable and stable
  • mobile, stackable (4 chairs) and for table top placement
  • space-saver: narrow design (circle seating)


The cantilever chair EWS.3

  • based on the latest scientific findings, developed and produced in Germany, with optimized shell and highly-elastic tubular steel frame
  • promotes dynamic sitting, can prevent tension and back problems
  • perfectly ergonomic with marked support in the lumbar region
  • extremely durable and stable
  • mobile, stackable (4 chairs), table top placement without dirtying the table. Stacking protectors prevent scratches on the table top.



5-sided Table EWT.5    |    Cantilever Chairs   |   5-sided Lounge    |   Acoustic Optimizer

5-sided lounge

Learning, playing, working, chilling. Extremely flexible, mobile, and multifunctional.

Advantages of our 5-sided lounge:

  • extremely variable:
    only two variants - countless arrangements
  • quick and easy to rearrange
  • durable due to robust, easy-care imitation leather


5-sided Table EWT.5    |    Cantilever Chairs   | 5-sided Lounge    |   Acoustic Optimizer

Acoustic optimizer

The intelligent acoustic system: Optimizes speech intelligibility and reduces noise instead of simply dampening sound – thus reducing stress.

The Acoustic Optimizer EWA.1 at a glance:

  • Highly effective: Absorbs in particular frequencies below 500 Hz. The interference frequencies from the room corners and boundaries, originating from the fundamental tone of the voice (vowels), can be found in this range.
  • No danger of over-dampening: Speech intelligibility is significantly improved.
  • Flexible and mobile: Can be easily and quickly re-hung. Also ideally suited for interim solutions during renovations.
  • Cost-effective: no construction work, no change in lighting.
  • Space-saving: The walls remain unobstructed for presentations. No loss of room height.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Safety: The mineral wool core is non-combustible (A1).

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